American Library Ústí nad Labem (ALUL)

American Library Ústí nad Labem is a small American cultural center which emerged from the collaboration between the American embassy in Prague and the Ústí Regional Library. It is located in the Foreign Language Literature wing in the Research section of the library (Velká Hradební 49).

The American Library Documentary Fund, thanks to the aforementioned collaboration, will be updated and expanded. It is made up of fiction as well as educational literature, textbooks, and educational materials. It is primarily intended for the needs of English language students and teachers, but due to its wide range of topics, members of other groups will certainly find something for themselves. Among the services offered in the center, we also offer access to the eLibrary database from the computer in the Foreign Language Literature wing of the library. This database offers a wide selection of American periodicals.

Besides this, the library offers a wide range of educational and learning activities, meetings and lectures on American literature, culture, or history, film screenings, discussions with diplomats, or conversational meetings in English. In the American Library, those who are interested can find information about opportunities to study and work in the United States.

The American Library Ústí nad Labem, like the rest of our library, is here primarily to serve you, users and readers. Any of your suggestions, reminders, or ideas for what way the center could be further developed are welcomed here. All you have to do is contact our coordinator.

Coordinator of ALUL activities: Anne Heaton Petrak (